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Debbie Daum holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy from MH Vicars School of Massage In Calgary, Alberta. She is trained in swedish and therapeutic massage and practices silicone cupping. Body Mender Massage Therapy is  licensed in Airdrie, AB and registered with MTAA (Massage Therapist Association of Alberta)






 Debbie Daum, RMT


If your here I would imagine you are in some discomfort? You may have been diagnosed or something is uncomfortable and you need some help? 

What to expect:

Body Mender focuses on healing, rehabilitation and maintenance. When you first arrive at the clinic 10-15 mins will be spent on assessment as we develop your treatment plan together. (free of charge)

We will then perform your scheduled treatment. 

We  will then discuss any home care needed. 

Please allow 15 additional minutes to every treatment for assessment and homecare updates. 



Contact Debbie with any questions:

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